Community unites in the face of hate

Davis Islands families plan Friendship Walk
Posted at 7:49 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 19:49:02-05

A community is uniting in the face of hate. We first told you Friday about two Davis Islands neighbors verbally attacking a family about to move in next door, simply because they’re Indian

That real estate deal may be dead, but the former buyer and seller are coming together to keep friendship alive.

“The message here is we are all one, just don’t get scared with the color or ethnicity,” Ali Asgar Kaderbhai said.

It was just a few months ago, two Davis Islands neighbors verbally attacked Kaderbhai and his family on Luzon Ave. while they were closing on a house.

“It was frightening because he was totally out of control we really thought that the next step was that he was going to get physically violent with somebody,” Herb Donica said.

Herb Donica and his wife were selling their home to Kaderbhai. Now that deal isn’t happening, thanks to the neighbors’ outburst, but Saturday, both families are uniting for a Friendship Walk.

“I have to do something good, rather than just blaming each other or talking negative about each other, let’s come together,” Kaderbhai said.

“This outburst of xenophobic hatred started right here, we’re going to bring everybody together and end it right here,” Donica said.

They’re inviting the entire community to walk together and embrace diversity.

“It’s going to be a unified message, it’s going to be one of peace and respect and friendship.” Monica said.

Kaderbhai said even the neighbors who spewed hate are invited.

“We would embrace them and we would bring them all together, because we are one,” he said.

The Friendship Walk is happening Saturday at 10 a.m., starting at 632 Luzon Ave.