City of Tampa offering "log rolling" at pools

Sport started 150 years ago
Posted at 4:48 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 16:48:19-05

A 150-year-old sport you may not have heard of is now in Tampa Bay pools. It's called log rolling.

“Works your core, your leg strength, I mean it’s truly an all body workout,” Abby Hoeschler, co-founder of Key Log Rolling, said. “A workout without the work because it’s truly just fun.”

It's all fun for professional Abbt Hoeschler, the co-founder of the company that makes these 65-pound logs.

Her mom is a seven time world champion in log rolling, a sport that started 150-years ago when workers actually rolled real logs down the river to transport them.

“She taught my siblings and I how to log roll at our local YMCA along with other kids in our community, and my siblings and I all compete,” Hoeschler said.

Now, the City of Tampa is offering log rolling at their pools. It will be at Bobbt Hicks pool in the Spring and rotating through their camps all summer. There's no extra fee to try it out.

“It’s hard not laugh when you’re doing it, you come and it’s pretty easy to pick up where you can get on a basic level of having a good time doing it,” Anthony Carter with the city of Tampa said.

But Hoeschler hopes people here will get hooked, and go pro, like she did.

“They could potentially be in the Olympics one day, our goal is to make log rolling an Olympic sport and they’re getting in at the ground level,” she said.

To give it a whirl, you just need a recreation card with the city, at $15 a year, or a day pass, $2 for kids and $4 for adults.