City considering reconfiguring lanes on Bay to Bay Boulevard

Would cut car lanes, add bike lanes and turn lanes
Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 02:31:54-04

"It's really bad. People are sitting through lights two to three times to get a turn," said Megan Morreale, Sweet Pea Consignment owner. "Honking and fighting. There's just not enough room and not enough patience."

It's not easy turning to get into Megan Morreale's store off Bay to Bay Boulevard.

"It scares me as far as safety goes," she said. 

Now the City of Tampa wants to reconfigure the South Tampa thoroughfare near Bayshore where traffic is heavier and sees 18,000 cars a day. Bike lanes would be added on both sides of traffic.

"It's always a balancing act and we get the same kind've reaction if you're a bicyclist, we're not doing enough, if you're a driver, we're slowing you down," said Jean Duncan with the City of Tampa. 

The city's plan is just a draft and will include plenty of public input.

Bay to Bay would also be changed to three lanes with a turn lane near Westshore to cut down on rear end accidents.

"The ones that want to turn can be moved off to the side so it's a lot safer condition than what we have right now," said Duncan. 

Bikers and walkers like Wilson Athey say they look forward to the changes.

"I think it's great. It's great for the environment to create bike lanes and allow people to get other places without having to drive," he said. 

But business owners like Morreale dread construction and the final result.

"I just don't know where we're going to find room for this?" she said.