Buying a Powerball ticket? Get in line

Posted at 12:22 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 12:28:49-05
When you read the word or hear someone say Powerball, you can't help but imagine winning $1.5 billion.
Yes. The jackpot is now at $1.5 billion.
The Florida Lottery says this jackpot has rolled over 19 times….19 times, since the beginning of November. No one has had the right lucky numbers.
Our newsroom has an office pool. Why not put in two bucks to join in on the excitement? The chances are slim I'll win, but why not? 
Are you getting in on it? The Florida Lottery encourages people not to wait until the last minute to buy their tickets so they aren't stuck in a long line. I waited Saturday. It wasn't terrible, but I also had to go to three different gas stations. The first gas station was cramped. The second one didn't have the paper to fill out my own numbers. My third try was a charm.
I purchased four tickets, choosing my own numbers for two and letting the machine make random picks for the rest. As you know, I didn't win nor did anyone.
Now, the jackpot has grown even higher.
My newsroom has an office pool again. I contributed my $2.
I also bought my own tickets. Did you? It's not like you have to play, but I did for the chance that –maybe – my ticket will have the six magic numbers.
This time I played early. I went Monday night and bought my ticket. I decided to buy one ticket because it only takes six numbers to win and if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. 
I have to admit I made one little mistake Monday when I purchased my Powerball ticket.  I accidentally bought a Florida Lotto ticket without realizing it until I left the gas station. I laughed for a good minute and then went to a different gas station to purchase my lucky Powerball ticket.
So maybe Wednesday night I'll win the Powerball AND the Florida Lotto!
We'll see.