Bay area families wait to hear from loved ones in Haiti

Hurr. Matthew expected to make landfall Tuesday
Posted at 11:15 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 10:14:03-04

"They're not picking up," said Stachyse Stanis. "My cousin, my aunt, my grandmother, a lot of close family members that I grew up with are all there."

With her family directly in the path of a monster hurricane, Stachyse Stanis can't get a hold of a single relative living in Haiti.  

"There are going to be mudslides, there is going to be heavy rain, there is going to be flooding," said Stanis who moved to the states when she was nine.

The category four storm is expected to unleash torrential rainfall and landslides.

Stanis says the Haitian government has been actively warning folks this storm could deal a devastating blow. Many along the beaches have already been evacuated to temporary shelters.

"I know Haiti does lack infrastructure but at least they're trying to communicate with everyone to make sure that everyone is safe," said Stanis.

She says cell phone service has been spotty. Her main mode of communication now through Facebook or Whatsapp. She says while some won't have any problem riding out the storm from higher ground, for many others, darker days lie ahead.

"There's so many people out there and some of them may not have shelter, some of them may not have housing and they might be living in the streets, so in that case they'll definitely be affected," said Stanis.

She says her family is relatively safe in the hills but she'll be saying a lot of prayers over the next 24 hours for everyone else.

"I honestly feel like god never puts anything on our plate that we can't bear, so I just prey about it," said Stanis.