Family: Amanda Grau, 33, was wounded at least three times in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting

Posted at 9:03 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 06:06:24-04

A 33-year-old Tampa woman shot in the Orlando nightclub massacre is being described as "stable" by her family.

Amanda Grau has undergone one surgery and will have another surgery Friday.

Family members told ABC Action News Grau went to the club and met up with her friend, Christopher SanFeliz.

SanFeliz, 24, along with 48 other people, were killed.

SanFeliz was also a Tampa native. He attended Gaither High School and worked at JP Morgan Chase.

According to Amanda's brother, she hid in the club's bathroom--a bathroom the gunman would later enter and open fire.

While Amanda could not meet with President Barack Obama Thursday, her brothers says he recorded a special video message for Amanda. Her father and brother did meet with President Obama.

Amanda also received a personalized message from CNN's Anderson Cooper, family member said.

The Grau family released the following statement to ABC Action News Thursday night along with a photo:

"Amanda continues to be stable.  She has gone through one surgery and will have her next one on Friday.  She remains in good spirits and has received personal messages from Anderson Cooper and President Obama.  Amanda and our family are so thankful for the amount of support we have received and continue to receive.  Our heart goes out to all the victims and especially Christopher SanFeliz' family."

The photo given to ABC Action News shows a family member holding Grau's hand while she clutches a rosary.

Grau's family has created a GoFundMe account to help pay for her medical expense.  Click here to visit the page.