4 germ-infested places to avoid this flu season

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 17, 2017
The flu is spreading across Florida. Spreading germs can be as simple as touching a door handle, shaking hands or picking up a cell phone. 
One Tampa business makes extra efforts to stop the spread of germs. 
"It does help to limit the spreading of germs when a customer comes in they're handed the sample," Jaclyn Mendelsohn, managing partner of Yogurtology, said.
"You'll see our Yogurtologists constantly wiping down all of the surfaces. We use a food-grade sanitizer, we're switching out the spoons on the topping bar throughout the day," Mendelsohn said.
The same goes for shared pens, like when you sign a credit card receipt. That's one place American Family Care doctors said you could pick up the flu. They advise bringing your own pen with you.
"We try and sanitize those, switch them out throughout the day just like we do with our spoons," Mendelsohn said.
Physicians said ATM's can also be filled with germs. 
You want to get in the habit of using your knuckle to enter your information on the keypad. That way, your fingertips stay germ-free in case you touch your eyes or your face. 
Everyone fills up their gas tank, whether they're sick or not. At the pump, try using a paper towel on the nozzle to avoid germs, as well as on the keypad.
At the office, get in the habit of wiping down your screens and sanitizing your devices to prevent germs. We may like our co-workers, but they could be bringing germs from home.
It's best to get your flu shot, but it takes two weeks to start working. Good hygiene is key to staying healthy.