23 arrested during peaceful minimum wage protest in Tampa for blocking road

Posted at 10:18 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 23:12:26-05

Tampa Police officers arrested 23 people, who blocked part of North 21st Street in Ybor City Tuesday evening.

The protestors peacefully demonstrated, demanding higher wages. 

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According to Tampa Police officers, they allowed the protestors to block the roadway for a bit, but then instructed them to move. They said they arrested 23 people, who did not move, after repeated commands to do so. The group was demonstrating, fighting for $15. They want the minimum wage raised.

"We deserve more. We deserve more. Not just me. We do," Jamarquis Mobley said.

Mobley was one of the protestors, who was arrested, and told to appear in court next month.

"Could you live off of $8.05? I'm asking you a question. Could you live off of it? I can't so that's why I'm fighting for 15 right now," Mobley said.

Officers arrested Jayson James as well.

"It's worth it to show people that we're out here and we mean business," James said.

She said she would do it again.

"We are standing, demanding that this country pay attention, especially the powers that be that the masses are suffering under poverty wages," James said.