Vicious fight caught on camera at St. Petersburg High raising concerns

Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 09:27:55-04

A vicious fight erupts inside a St. Petersburg High School classroom. Fists fly, desks overturn. The two minute video taken Tuesday shows two female students fighting, screaming and getting egged on by their classmates.

The teacher, seemingly standing clear of the two teens who are determined to finish what they started.

The video captured by a student and posted to social media has caused an outpouring of concern from parents we showed it to.

"These two teens are really going at it and I see a teacher, an adult in the background, and he's not coming over," said Ray Minor.

"The teacher should be involved and try and break it up right not," said Willie Barnes.

"I didn't see him intervene at all," said Katrina Headley.

In the video the teacher appears to guide the two girls out the door of the classroom before they tumble right back inside. He doesn't touch either student but does move other children out of their way.

"Maybe he did call someone and maybe they were taking a long time, who knows but being a teacher I would have done more," said Minor.

While the parents we spoke with acknowledge the difficult situation educators are faced with, most agreed, it should have been stopped sooner.

"I don't expect for them to get involved because sometimes it escalates the situation but you should definitely call for help, say something," said Headley.

You can hear the teacher say let her go but it doesn't work.

According to Pinellas County Schools, a teacher can intervene physically but are not required to if they feel it isn't safe to do so. School resource officers are placed on campus for that reason.

Schools officials tell us they will be investigating the situation to determine if all policies were indeed followed.

The two teens will certainly face disciplinary action and the student who shot and posted the video to Facebook could be in trouble too.