Veteran with cancer says mechanic ripped him off

Posted at 11:27 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 23:27:38-05

"About eight years ago they diagnosed me with prostate cancer," said William Dodson.

The news was devastating for the 71-year-old Air Force veteran.

"For the lifestyle I lived, this sucks," said Dodson.

The former race car driver struggles to walk, the cancer now in his bones. Dodson worries he doesn't have much time left. But what time and money he does have went to purchasing and rebuilding a childhood dream car. A 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury.

"This whole car is built from ground up,"

With every piece added or fixed it gave Dodson and the car new life. When it came time to rebuild the transmission, Dodson settled on Charlie's Transmissions in St Pete Beach.

"He goes yeah I've been doing this for 18 years, I know these things like the back of my hand, I said I'll see you in the morning," said Dodson.

He says the transmission lasted for a total of 19 miles before breaking down.

The owner of Charlies Transmissions refused to fix the problem or refund the $1,500 Dodson paid.

"I feel like I was just taken advantage of," said Dodson.

The receipt for the work clearly states a 12 month or 12 thousand mile warranty. We reached out to Charlie's Auto who did not return our calls. Dodson has since shelled out another $1,500 to have it fixed somewhere else.

Tonight he hopes the owner of Charlies will come to his senses and make good on his agreement.

"If he could square up and make things good, I'd pat him on his back," said Dodson.

We are told after we reached out to Charlies, the owner contacted Dodson with an offer for a refund if they bring the receipts from the latest repair.