St. Pete residents angry about speeders in their neighborhood

Posted at 4:52 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 16:52:35-04

Stopping the speeders! People in Northeast St. Petersburg are desperate to slow down the lead foot drivers zooming down their streets. 

Ted Wade lives along 1st St N where he says speeding is becoming a bigger problem.

“They’re flying by!," Wade yelled out as a car sped past,“it’s frustrating as all get out!”

Wade is at wit’s end with the speeders zipping down 1st Street North. He even borrowed a radar gun and clocked cars going past his home at twice the speed limit during the morning and afternoon rush hour.

“This is a residential neighborhood. It’s not the Indy 500 out here.”

Drivers use 1st Street N as an alternative to 4th Street North, because it is less congested and has fewer stop lights. It has become a popular North/South cut through.

Morris Marzocca uses a motor scooter to get through St. Pete and says the problem is getting worse!

“You have to have your wits about you, especially someone like me.”

After a severe car crash and spinal surgery, this scooter is Marzocca’s only ride, bringing him dangerously close to whizzing cars. One car even clipped him!

“They never even stopped, it was scary.”

Another nearly plowed over him, “and nobody slowed down!”

ABC Action News contacted St. Petersburg Police Department and found out they're looking into the speeding problem and will likely set up speed traps.

Marzocca says if it doesn’t happen soon, someone will get hurt. He has a message for drivers: “Please slow it down before you kill somebody," he pleaded.

If you have speeders in your neighborhood, you can report it on See Click Fix. The county or city will send out a team to take a close look at the problem.