Local diaper bank plans to serve moms in Tampa Bay hospitals

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 18:32:40-04

A local non-profit is expanding their reach, now helping even more mothers who struggle to buy baby essentials.

Floor to ceiling diapers at the Babycycle Diaper Bank distribution center seems like a lot of diapers but when you compare it to the need here in Tampa Bay, this isn’t nearly enough.

“It’s very expensive, diapers and wipes for a month can be upwards of $100 per month,” Torrie Jasuwan, Volunteer Director of Babycycle Diaper Bank, said.

Here in Tampa Bay, one in three mothers face diaper need. Babycycle Diaper Bank hands out more than 20,000 diapers and wipes a month, but that's still not meeting the demand.

“The need is much higher, anywhere from 50,000 to 75,000 depending on the month," Jasuwan said.

Now with corporate partners and your donations, they're looking to do even more, expanding into 4 to 5 hospitals, providing diapers for newborns.

“We can guarantee them 50 diapers per child, as well as other supplies like newborn items such as clothing,” Jasuwan said.

“Without that, what are they going to do?” Angela Carpenter, PEMHS family service initiative supervisor, said.

Many families they serve are low income and can't afford baby items in bulk.

A package of diapers can be about $10 online, but at a corner store, that price could be double.

“For them to access things immediately like diapers formula….is not easily or readily accessible,” Carpenter said.

With the hospital program, Babycycle will need newborn diaper donations and toddler size that can be more expensive. The new hospital program is set to start in the next month.

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