Hundreds protest against President-elect Trump in St. Petersburg

Protestors want 'movement' to fight for values
Posted at 11:09 PM, Nov 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 02:17:23-05

The loud voices against the new president-elect Donald Trump continue almost a week after the election.

But still marching say their efforts aren't just anger about the results, they hope going forward this is the start of a movement, encouraging people to take action in their communities.

A huge crowd of over 500 protestors rallied in St. Pete.  They're now coming to terms with the future of President Trump.  While they don't like it, they know there's a bigger purpose and message to these protests.
"I'm hearing a lot, especially on Facebook of people saying, 'Stop whining you cry babies.'  I'm not whining. Trump is going to be the president.  That's fine.  But there are things he's trying to do, things he wants to pass that I don't agree with," said Jessica Foster.
Jessica is an undocumented immigrant, brought to the US by her parents when she was a young child.
She says DACA, or the deferred action for childhood arrivals, has been a blessing, helping her get a job.  But she still hasn't been able to go to college, because her status limits her from getting scholarships and loans.  So the threat of DACA going away, is why she's joining this post-election movement.
"One day I will be a nurse.  One day i will be legal.  For now, I'm undocumented and fighting for everyone else out there, and all the other students waiting for their dreams to come true," said Foster.
Peter Syracusa and his husband are hoping their marriage will stand under a Trump presidency.  He's encouraged by the huge support at rallies like this one but insists it can't stop here.  He says these protestors have to take the fight for their values to lawmakers.
"Absolutely. They should get out and let their representatives know they're not happy with decisions that are made and to voice their concerns about whatever political issues that don't jive with the reason the United States was founded," said Syracusa.
"Just don't give up.  Ever," said Foster.