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Hotel, valet service sued after keys to Ferrari were given to the wrong person

Hotel, valet service sued after keys to Ferrari were given to the wrong person
Posted at 12:14 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 12:14:40-05

A lawsuit has been filed after two people drove off in a Ferrari that wasn't theirs when the valet handed them the keys.

It happened on July 27, 2017 when Chloe Rimmer and Levi Miles checked into a room at the Marriott Vinoy Resort Hotel.

At the time, James Fowler was also staying at the hotel, and had his vehicle, a 2014 458 Ferrari Italia Spider, parked by the valet service provided by Marriott and Seven One Seven.

The next day, a valet reportedly handed the keys to that Ferrari to Miles without receiving a matching valet tag or confirming his identity.

Miles and Rimmer drove off in the car and were later arrested.

The suit alleges that the valet should have known that allowing an unidentified person access to the premises posed a danger of injury or harm to hotel guests and their property, and that the valet company knew or should have known that Miles and Rimmer were not the owners of the Ferrari.

Fowler is charging Marriott with negligence by failing to provide adequate security, failing to deter criminal conduct on the premises, allowing and permitting Fowler's Ferrari to be stolen and damaged among other things.

He says that as a direct result of Marriott's negligence, he had to spend significant funds on auto inspections, repair bills and legal fees, and that he had incurred the severe diminution of value of his property, loss of use of his vehicle for 8 days and a significant loss in wages from having to handle the matter during work hours.

He also charges Marriott with gross negligence and the valet company Seven One Seven with negligence and gross negligence.

He is demanding damages in excess of $15,000.