Burglars break into 70 self-storage units in St. Petersburg

Burglary occurred early Sunday morning
Posted at 2:48 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 17:38:28-05

"It seemed like almost every lot, doors were ripped open," said customer Scott Bui.

Dozens of customers arrived at LifeStorage at 1159 94th Avenue N.  in St. Pete Monday panicked after hearing 70 units were broken into early Sunday morning.

"The way they latch in, they were all bent the same way, almost like they used a crow bar at the same spot, ripped them all open just going right down the row," said Bui.

One by one customers were shuffled in, to catalog their belongings. However, curiously enough, most told us nothing was missing.

"My unit, everything is stacked up, they didn't move anything, they must have been looking for something specific," said Robin Rood.

Robert Wilson says thousand of dollars worth of tools sit in his unit but again, none were taken. Wilson says due to the investigation, work for the day is now on hold.

"I need the tools to go to work but now at the moment everything's in there so I'm not going to be able to go to work today," said Wilson.

Investigators are pouring through surveillance video but admit the thief did a good job of avoiding most of the cameras.

"We've been going through the surveillance video, we were hoping to have more than we have but we're still working on that and checking out the surround cameras as well from other businesses," said Yolanda Fernandez.

Forensic teams searched the area for additional evidence while the facilities staff calculate the thousands of dollars they now have in damage.

"It's hard to believe people would go to that extent to make money but then again the economy is driving people that way," said Wilson.