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UPS driver arrested after stealing a package he delivered a few hours earlier

Posted at 1:58 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 19:07:43-05

A UPS driver was fired and charged with grand theft after a St. Pete Beach homeowner caught him on surveillance video. 

"It was $999 plus tax so it's $1,068 something dollars," said Jovita Acute-Parker.

The new iPhone X was delivered to Jovita Acute-Parker's St. Pete Beach porch Tuesday. 

"As soon as she pulled up the video, she's like OMG somebody's stealing your box. It's an iPhone that they're stealing because there are two big other envelopes there," she said. 

Parker installed two surveillance video cameras at her front door to feel safer. 

She and her sister couldn't believe it when the cameras caught a porch pirate stealing the delivery. 

The video shows a white male stuffing the package under his shirt and running off into the darkness, turning towards the camera as he leaves.

If you think that's surprising, there's a second video from two hours earlier. 

It shows the same guy, in the same clothes, wearing a UPS vest, delivering her iPhone X.
Investigators say 47-year-old Jason Christopher Mohn was a UPS contractor.

He's not anymore after getting fired on the spot.  

A police report says his supervisor found the iPhone X in his personal belongings at work, which means Acute-Parker will soon be able to wrap the gift for her friend. 

"Stupidest thief ever," she said laughing.