Pinellas to post rip tide current warning signs

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 17:30:09-05

Pinellas County plans to post warning signs about rip tide currents after a St. Pete boy drowned in October. The signs will remind beach-goers about dangerous water, even when it's only ankle-deep.

"I just remember thinking that it was like the definition of a tragedy. He wasn't being ignored. He wasn't doing anything dangerous," Ann Mooney said.

Even strangers on St. Pete Beach remember 9-year-old Cameron Bullard and how he died. A wave hit a group of kids playing in ankle-deep water and pulled Cameron under.

Now, Pinellas County officials have decided to put up 78 signs at beach access points, warning about the rip tide current. You'll see signs at dune walk-overs and beach parks as well.

"More lives can be saved now because of what took place in this kind of sacrificial life that was taken from us, who we believe is with God now," Pastor Frank Peterman said.

Cameron's spirit still lives at his church, the one Cameron attended almost every day. His pastor said helping others is the only silver lining.

"To have these signs out would make people aware of the currents and certain areas you just should not go into," Pastor Peterman said.

"A little signage to make people aware is a good idea," Mooney said.

The county is making these signs now, and they should be up in a few weeks.