Indian Rocks Beach residents fear trash from tourists over the for 4th of July weekend

Police watching out for litter-bugs
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 22:59:37-04

Cookie Kennedy said she was disgusted when she saw the aftermath from the Fourth of July parties on Indian Rocks Beach last year.

"There were dirty baby diapers, broken glass, knives you name it," said Kennedy.

She decided to form a group of Indian Rocks Beach residents who cared about the littering problem. They will be handing out trash bags to beachgoers on July 4.

"I told them we needed to step forward in our community and make people aware, I don't think they are doing it intentionally," said Kennedy.

There was massive community supper for the project. Carol Britz said she normally doesn't participate in cleanups, but she thought this was a good cause.

"We value our resources here so I'm all for supporting this," said Britz.

Police will write litter bugs tickets up to $500.

"We want you to respect our environment, we day that only in the kinds and loving manor," said Kennedy.


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