Dogs dumped on the side of the road inside a crate during Hurricane Matthew

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 07, 2016

"The cage was out here at this intersection, it was sitting right out here with the gate open," said Susan Stanley.

Wiping sleep from her eyes didn't make it any easier to see the disturbing sight this morning. Two scared pups abandoned in a cage just across the street from Susan Stanley's Tampa home.

"On my Facebook, I posted some pictures of them out in the middle of the street cause that's where they were like waiting for mom and dad to come back and pick them up again," said Stanley.

In her Facebook post you can see Stanley coaxing the dogs into her yard. She says they were obviously frightened. The rain she says was still pouring down.

"They hadn't been taken care of for a while, you could see where they had big matts of just fur," said Stanley.

Stanley reached out to the Humane Society of Tampa who immediately jumped into action.

"We went ahead and sent out one of our employees out there and we're so glad we did, they were running in the streets, they were really at risk of being hit by a car and they have clearly not been cared for for a very long time," said Pam Backer with the Humane Society of Tampa.

She says the two Yorkie mixes will need a major trim, both had layers of deeply matted fur but other than that appear healthy.

They hope to eventually find these two a new home, something the women who found them says is all they need.

"These doggies need a home, they are so adorable," said a gushing Stanley.

And because of her actions, they now have that chance.