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Suspect targeting out of state license plates, slashing tires and busting windows in Riverview

Posted at 5:36 AM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 17:42:03-05

RIVERVIEW, Fla. — The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating car tires being slashed, and windows smashed in four different subdivisions along a popular corridor in Riverview. Investigators say a majority of the vehicles hit had out of state license plates. 

ABC Action News first reported the crime on Sunday when people inside the Valhalla at Brandon Pointe Neighborhood found at least nine cars hit. 

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office said between Saturday and Monday at least 17 vehicles were targeted along the Providence Road corridor. That's between Providence Road and Gornto Lake Rd and between Highway 60 and Bloomingdale.

The Villa Serena subdivision woke up Monday to at least a half-dozen cars hit, but this time with windows smashed. This is one day after the Valhalla subdivision had at least nine cars hit. 

Bryan Fern said he had to call out of work on Monday to deal with two tires being slashed, and a busted window. 

"The tires are one thing," he said. "But to go to the extra effort to do the windshield, that was really childish."

Fern said two of the tires had multiple cuts in them causing nearly $1,000 in damages. 

The sheriff's office said they have a vague description of the suspect from a witness who said they saw a man around 5'10" with a muscular build and brown curly hair that's shoulder length. That possible suspect was driving a sports car but it's unclear the color.

One woman told ABC Action News on Sunday that she believes she saw the suspect speed past her while walking her dog in the Valhalla community.

“I was nervous because I was the only pedestrian outside,” she exclaimed. “I felt like I wanted to be the incredible hulk and attack the guy and say what are you doing? But I was defenseless.” 

The crime is frustrating for the people who live in the Riverview community. It comes as many residents were trying to save up for holiday shopping. 

Both of the tires on Amanda Murphy's passenger side of her vehicle were slashed.

“I’m losing all of my money that I would be making today. I’ve got to spend all this money to get new tires.” 

As of now, there is no video or photos of the possible suspect.