HCSO: Man sexually harassing real estate agents

Posted at 7:40 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 20:08:36-05

Hillsborough deputies are looking to stop an unknown man's creepy behavior. He’s accused of targeting female real estate agents and sexually harassing them once he has them alone. Deputies want him off the street before he does something much worse.

Neighbors who live in Ayersworth Glen in Riverview are on high alert after learning about the man's behavior.

“I’m out on the street with my kids and my dog walking alone, and no one wants to think that’s happening right down the street,” said Michelle Milford.

Deputies say it has happened at least two times within the past couple of weeks. Surveillance video shows him inside an office with a grey hat and sunglasses. We’re told he acts like he’s interested in buying a home, all while getting uncomfortably close to the realtor, looking down their shirts and giving them compliments. In one case he smelled the agent while shaking her hand. In another earlier this week, he blocked the realtor from pushing the panic button by standing behind her desk and rubbing himself on her hands as she was trying to show him a map.

In both cases, the realtors asked him to leave. Surveillance pictures show him taking off in a four door Toyota Prius with an out-of-state tag, possibly from Virginia.

Now, there’s concern he’s preying on women all over the bay area. There have been reports he was sighted at offices in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel. There is now a security guard inside the office at all times, and realtors will be getting lanyards to wear with panic buttons in hopes of stopping him from doing it again.

Milford says she’ll be more aware of her surroundings from now on.

“I always have my cell phone on me, and I’m going to make sure that I do, so I can call if I need help,” she said.

The victims want us to get his picture out, although they were given strict instructions not to speak on camera.

Deputies are putting out such a big warning because they say what he’s doing could easily lead to something else, and they want to stop him before someone is hurt.