Deputies release new details in deadly motorcycle crash in Hillsborough County

Posted at 1:00 AM, Oct 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 00:17:20-04
We are learning more about the last moments before a motorcyclist died in a crash. A man is in custody and facing a serious charge.

Deputies say the man in custody drove off while attempting to escape an argument with Zachary Marcano. Marcano followed him on his motorcycle.

Authorities say as Marcano stopped at an intersection in Ruskin, the suspect could not stop in time and hit the back of Marcano’s bike. The impact caused Marano to slide off his bike. He was then hit by another car.

Deputies say Gilbert Lorenzo Escobedo, the driver of the truck that hit Marano, drove off. Escobedo is charged with Leaving the Scene of a Crash Resulting in Death.


“To leave him on the side of the road to die? Shows what type of person you are," said Cassandra Marcano, the victim's sister.

Cassandra is helping her family cope with her brother’s death. She says she doesn’t trust what Escobedo or deputies say happened.

“My brother’s not here to tell his side. So that’s all we can go off but we are not going to let this rest," she said.
Meanwhile, Marcano's father is questioning the argument that led to all of this.
“And it’s pointless you know? All over some little squabble," said Robert Marcano.
At least 50 family and friends organized a vigil at the crash site between 19th Avenue NE and 30th Street NE. They played music Marcano recorded and shared memories and rode bikes in his honor.
“For anyone to have to be without their kid because of somebody’s anger and not knowing how to deal with it -- people need to grow up," said Michelle Oprean, Marcano's mother.
The family says justice will come.
“He made a bad choice and you know, he’s going to have to pay the consequences for it," said Robert Marcano.
Marcano's family is arranging a funeral service for later this week.