Chain of childcare homes to open in Wimauma

Grassroots effort to solve childcare problem
Posted at 4:52 PM, Oct 11, 2017

Moms in the Wimauma community are banding together to solve a childcare problem. There are about seven-hundred children in the community and only one daycare center. Enterprising Latinas founder, Liz Gutierrez is trying to find a solution.

"There’s no place to send your child to send your child to preschool or a child care center,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez is working with moms in Wimauma to open a chain of in-home childcare centers. She said the first just opened a few weeks ago.

“These moms can be the educators of these children, while at the same time earning a living,” said Gutierrez.

Mom Vanessa Horneda put her two young sons in the first childcare home to recently open.

“It's a tremendous blessing I was able to start right away on my first day of work and I knew they were safe,” said Horneda.

Gutierrez said she is also working with a family to turn an old church into a childcare center. The facility should be able to help dozens of families in the Wimauma area.

“We are clear that we want to have more options for families by next summer,” said Gutierrez.