TECO tragedy widow asks for apology from company to move forward

Posted at 11:27 PM, Jul 09, 2017

More than a week after the TECO tragedy, a grieving widow pushes to stay strong for her son as he fights for his life. The two men she loves most were both in the accident.

But Tracy Jones said, she didn't find out what happened from anyone involved.

"Didn't nobody call me, didn't nobody call me, didn't nobody tell me, I found out through my daughter Tina and the news," Tracy said.

When an unthinkable tragedy hits your family, that's the last way you want to find out, and exactly what happened to Tracy Jones.

"When I turned to the news and I saw it, you know in your mind you want to say that's not them but somebody saw my son's picture," she said.

Both Tracy's husband, Frank Lee Jones, and her son, Gary Marine Junior, were contractors doing maintenance at the TECO power plant in Apollo Beach last week when hot, molten slag spilled on them. Frank died Saturday. Gary is still at Tampa General Hospital. TECO released a video statement Saturday.

"For those whose loved ones have passed may they rest in peace and please know that all of Tampa Electric company grieves with you," Tampa Electric President and CEO Gordon Gillette said in the video.

Tracy said, she's getting help from Frank's boss at Gaffin Industrial, but she hasn't heard from anyone else.

"I just want an apology, I want somebody to knock on my door, and tell me you sorry, cause you took something from me, you can't give it back to me," Tracy said.

She said that apology, and an explanation, could help her move forward.

"It's a tragedy, people's lives are changed forever," Tracy said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for Tracy and her family.