Man accused of selling illegal guns to undercover cop

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jan 04, 2017

Hillsborough County Deputies arrested an Apollo Beach man for allegedly selling guns to an undercover detective.

The report says 40-year-old David Robinson sold the guns to the detective who he believed was a convicted felon.

HCSO is not commenting on what they call "an active investigation," but according to the arrest report, deputies claim Robinson sold the detective a Ruger AR-15 assault style rifle. The report also says there had been "previous transactions" with the detective.

"No, he didn't (knowingly sell to a convicted felon)," Robinson's wife, Myra Santa Robinson said.

Santa-Robinson says she and her children were with her husband when he sold the gun. They went into a gas station as the transaction was taking place.

She claims he would purchase guns from private sellers posting the guns for sale online, then resale them to legitimate buyers as a profit like many people do when "flipping" houses or cars.

She even showed us a bill of sale for one purchase. She claimed her husband had the buyer fill out the paperwork. But, that bill of sale was from a gun Robinson had purchased from a private seller in Brandon. We contacted that seller who asked to stay anonymous.

The seller explained that he sold two guns to Robinson in the span of a week.

"He (Robinson) said one of the guns was for him and the other was for his son," the seller said.

One of those guns was a Ruger AR-15. He says Robinson paid him $650 on January 1st.

Typically, the point of buying and selling goods is to find a low price on an item and sell it for a decent profit. We found the same Ruger AR-15 online being sold at prices from $569-$700.

Santa-Robinson says she believes her husband was set up by another person involved in gun sales.