Taxpayers taking the hit for illegal dumping in North Port

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jun 06, 2018

NORTH PORT, Fla. — The city of North Port is dealing with a major illegal dumping issue in the southeast section of town.

This is mainly happening along Wylam road, around the corner from Brandon Smith's house.

"It's annoying," said Smith. "Everyone in the house gets pissed off." 

He's lived in the area for about five years. According to him, the problem has gotten out of control in the last two years. He said the city came through and cleaned the entire area up two years ago, "but within the last year the mess is back." 

Michael Fear, with the city's public works department, says this is starting to cost the city and taxpayers. He said sending a crew out to pick the trash up is wasting resources, costing in fuel and overtime. 

"It's a big problem, and we want to try and stop it," said Fear. 

The city doesn't know who's responsible for the dumping. 

The North Port Police Department has increased patrols in the area. There are several penalties if you are caught dumping including a fine, impact on your driver's license, and it could be considered a felony.