Sarasota Police Department treats Special Olympics participant to VIP tour

Posted at 1:32 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 17:15:23-04

A Special Olympics participant got a special treat when the Sarasota Police Department gave him a VIP tour of its patrol boat and brought him and his family on the water.

Last week, Justin and his family were in town from Canada and near the marina where the Sarasota patrol boat is kept.

He ran up to Officer Michael Skinner and told him how much he loved boats. After a little bit of talking, Officer Skinner invited the family out on the boat to see how they patrol the waters and to give a tour of the city.

Justin and his family were so grateful, they emailed the the officer to thank him.

Dear Michael,
Want to thank you for the most delightful day last Friday!
The tour of Sarasota Police station was very informative and certainly brought into perspective the important role you and your colleagues hold in keeping the area safe. The Harbour tour gave us a beautiful view of the city and neighbouring landscapes that we would have  never known.
Your kindness is much appreciated and know that we will always remember that time we shared with you. We also could not help but notice how everyone we met during our time together was so welcoming and helpful! It was obvious that you are  respected and loved by the people who know and work with you!
You certainly touched our hearts too!
People like you make the world a better place for sure!
We also wish to thank you and your Police colleagues for supporting Special Olympics! Our regional Games in Naples on Saturday were great fun and Justin was so proud to bring home a third place finish in running long jump and two second place ribbons in his 100 metre and 100 x4 relay runs!
So again thank you for these precious memories and know that you and your family will always be welcome if you ever wish to come to Canada! Just let us know!
Big Hugs,
Ann, John, Justin

"Michael Skinner was absolutely wonderful with us! He is definitely an important asset to the police and to the community he serves so passionately," Justin's mother Ann said.

Justin even finished in the top three in three different track and field events. The family also invited Officer Skinner up to Canada!