Sarasota P.D. makes bust in string of burglaries

Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 18:02:39-04

Sarasota officers said Anthony Berretta, 18, has been burglarizing people all over the city for the past two months. They said his main target was unlocked cars.


"He's responsible for numerous burglaries throughout our city," said Lt. Randy Boyd.


Officers said a home security camera along with officer surveillance led them to Berretta.  They said dozens of items were confiscated from his home when he was arrested. 


The items included, watches, money, and a bike.  Officers estimated that he stole about $20,000 in goods.


"We would like to get the victims and their property back together," said Boyd.


Officers said the teen had a previous criminal record, but they did not elaborate.


Citizens like Courtnay Elken are glad the burglary string has ended.  She attempts to lock her car each night, but she said that's not always possible.


"I usually lock up but getting three kids in and out of the car there are probably times if forget," said Elken.


Investigators said it usually takes only 30 seconds for someone to steal from a vehicle.  Officers said they would like people that believe they have been burglarized to come contact them.