Pulse family reflects on one year anniversary and prepares for Monday's memorial

Posted at 11:11 AM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-11 21:04:06-04

Eddie Sotomayor's family loved to get together on holidays.  Last Thanksgiving was the first holiday they gathered since Eddie died in the Pulse shooting.  Eddie's aunt Patty Miller said the family has been leaning on each other since the tragedy.

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"Thanksgiving was the first one and it was tough, but we got through it, each holiday got better and better," said Miller.

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The family plans to head to Orlando for the one year anniversary of the Pulse shooting.  Eddie's sister, Kimberly Jackson said the anniversary carries with it mixed emotions.

"It's a reminder, but now that its been a year we can look back and meet other families and form a support system," said Jackson.

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The family has mostly kept their grieving to themselves, but they knew they weren't alone.

"It's been a strange year part of it has been having someone die in such a public way that you have to share your grief with the rest of the world," said Miller.

The family did grant St. Petersburg filmmaker Sandi Hulon access for a documentary called 1 of 49.  The documentary recalls Eddie's life through the relationships he built.

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"We just want Eddie to be remembered as Eddie, just who he was and how loving and caring he was, spread more love and remember him," said Jackson.

This story will be updated with the family's photos from the remembrance service in Orlando.