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Mote scientists on great white shark tagging expedition to track migration and breeding patterns

Posted at 2:52 PM, Jan 23, 2018

On a warm Tuesday afternoon, the crew aboard the Ocearch ship is tracking great white sharks off the waters of Daytona Beach.

"We are trying to solve the life history puzzle of the great white shark, figure out where and when does it made where do the baby great whites live,” said Dr. Robert Hueter.

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Hunter is part of a small crew who is on a three week long expedition to tag sharks. The will use the data to track migration and breeding patterns. Some of the research will be analyzed at Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota.

"The more we understands their needs, the more we can help protect them to know that we are taking the best care of the great white shark,” said Mote spokesperson Hayley Rutger.

The Ocearch crew has tagged about a hundred-fifty great whites since 2012. Click here to track the sharks in real-time.