Great Horned Owl rescued from construction site in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. - It took some creativity to find a new home for Florida's largest owl, the Great Horned Owl in a construction site in Sarasota.

Justin Matthews with Matthews Wildlife Rescue was called to the construction site of the new college in Sarasota for a Great Horned Owl that had nowhere to go. 

The owls usually don't make their own nests, but occupy a nest that's already been built. 

"This was a fledgling that is still at least 10 days out from flying," he said.

Matthews has used his creativity before to make a temporary nest for wildlife across the area. 

You can see him putting a laundry basket up in a tree to provide a safe place for the owl. 

Matthews also posed for the owl before placing him the makeshift nest, before it's able to fly on its own. 

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