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Disgraced Sarasota doctor facing more charges after taking patient money

Posted at 4:23 PM, Mar 06, 2018

SARASOTA, Fla. — Carl from Kansas was very concerned when his family doctor told him he may have cancer. He did research and found the office of Dr. Ronald Wheeler in Sarasota.

“He went on and on that he was the best and that he could cure cancer,” said Carl.

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He flew to Sarasota to see Dr. Wheeler and the doctor suggested a new treatment called HIFU. The treatment would cost more than $46,000.

“We were just concerned about getting better,” said Carl.

He paid Dr. Wheeler, but he never received the treatment.

“Every week there was one postponement after another, then he went off radar and wouldn’t answer my calls or texts messages,” said Carl.

Sarasota Police believe Wheeler stopped answering, because investigators were on to him. His medical license was revoked after complaints, but investigators said Wheeler never stopped practicing.

"There was no sign in his office that showed he was no longer a physician,” said investigator Michael Harrell.

Police raided Wheeler’s office in 2017, but Carl never received his refund. Prosecutors issued another charge against Dr. Wheeler for taking Carl’s money. 

Investigators believe there are more victims.

“We don’t know how many patients he ultimately treated, but he had thousands of patient files in his office,” said Harrell.