Residents of a Manatee mobile home park still without power after Irma

Posted at 11:26 PM, Sep 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 00:17:59-04

Unbearable conditions in Manatee County as some people are still without power after Hurricane Irma.

Some neighbors at the Manatee Mobile Home Park in Bradenton said they are miserable and have been living for days without power. They said the problem is the electrical equipment damaged in Irma. Neighbors said the electric company can’t restore power until the mobile home park fixes the equipment.

“Not very pleasant living in a trailer without air and can’t take showers, can’t cook, can’t eat right,” Doris Fedorowsky said.

She is turning to a neighbor to borrow power, enough to run a fan.

“People shouldn’t live like this, animals live better than people,” Fedorowsky said.

“I had to call 911 this morning for my mother because it’s just gotten to her so bad because of the heat and, you know, we can’t take a hot shower, no hot meals,” Ray Weldon said.

The electric company, Florida Power & Light Company, said all power has been restored to Manatee County. The only reason they cannot provide power is due to repairs that need to be made.

“Now it’s to my understanding that it’s up to the park to fix the pole and why it’s not being fixed I don’t know,” Weldon said.

ABC Action News reached out to management at the mobile home park but have not heard back. Neighbors said, the manager claimed the park is working on the problem.

“All I know is that this could have been taken care of way before now, why it hasn’t I don’t know,” Weldon said.