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People across the country are donating supplies for Agape Flights to take to the Bahamas

Posted at 7:41 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-06 06:46:36-04

VENICE, Fla. -- People across the country are bringing donations to Agape Flights as they prepare for their first flight to bring relief efforts to the Bahamas.

On Thursday. a Virginia-based crisis relief team called "God's Pit Crew" delivered a semi-truck trailer full of 1000 "Blessing Buckets."

In the buckets are things like toiletries, first-aid kits, food, water, towels, batteries, flashlights and Bibles.

God's Pit Crew brings relief to devastating disasters around the world.

"Our model is to show them where God is in all of this," said Randy Johnson, of God's Pit Crew.

"It’s one of the commands that we have is to love God first and to love others," said David McCutcheon, senior vice president of business integration for PGT.

PGT is a local company in Venice that makes hurricane resistant windows. They brought a truckload of supplies to donate including generators and chainsaws.

"We knew that Agape Flights would be one of the first to fly in and provide these much-needed supplies," said McCutcheon.

Many other people are bringing in supplies as well. Zachary Watkins is volunteering to help collect donations.

He is on a 10-day leave from the air force and hasn’t been home to Venice in nearly two and a half years.

"I’ve rather give back than just stand by and wait," said Watkins.

Agape Flights plans for their first relief trip to the Bahamas to be Friday. They expect dozens will likely follow in the next several weeks.

RIght now, they are in need of monetary donations to help pay for fuel. If you'd like to help, visit their website at