Expansion for Southeastern Guide Dogs

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 02, 2015

Southeastern Guide Dogs broke ground on Friday morning on a new Puppy Academy.  The facility will replace the current building that is more than 30-years-old.  Directors said the facility cost nearly 5-million dollars. 


The building will be bigger and air conditioned.  Directors said climate control is one of the biggest issues during the raising process.


"Anybody who lives in Florida knows it can get pretty hot and muggy out here, that discomfort that we feel, they feel as well, which can actually lead to some health problems, skin rashes and sores," said project director Joel Clark.


The facility was paid for by donations.  The group gives out about dozens of guide dogs each year.  Suzy Wilburn said her guide dog changed her life.


"Everyday we travel together he keeps me safe from obstacles, from traffic, from falling and he's a good companion," said Wilburn.


Staff at the guide dog school raise the dogs since birth.  The pups are giving to the visually impaired for free.


He saves my life everyday, he's a guide dog that's what he was born to do and it is perfect for me," said Wilburn.


The new facility is slated to open in July 2016.