Illegal doggy daycare closed in Bradenton

Posted at 7:21 PM, Feb 10, 2016
Code enforcement has shut down an illegal doggy daycare run out of a Bradenton home. 
A 90-pound dog killed a 6-pound terrier on Jan. 30 at Peter Pam's Sitting and Boarding in Bradenton.
“Go away, she said, she’s in pain,” a friend of Pamela Morgan said.
Manatee County issued Morgan a notice of violation Wednesday for running a kennel out of her home in a residential area. One website she used to advertise,, removed Morgan as well. 
"It's a remedy for destruction really," neighbor Aaron Cornelius said.
Cornelius said he has always known the business was in his neighborhood. He said noisy dogs are often a problem. He heard about the small dog mauled to death right across the street from him.
"It was surprising but then it wasn't, you know? I was expecting something to happen. It was just a matter of time," Cornelius said. 
Code enforcement said to have a dog daycare, you need to be zoned for that type of business. That's one question the owner of Petville in Citrus Park said you should ask before using a facility.
"You want to ask to do a tour, you want to definitely check out the facility," Victoria Dibbs said. 
Dibbs said you need to make sure large and small dogs are separated, something that didn't happen at Morgan's house. 
"That could have easily been prevented not just for the biting but also trampling over the pet. A smaller pet is much more fragile," Dibbs said.
Find out what experience, licensing and insurance any business has and make sure your pet is vaccinated, along with others in the facility.
With Internet ads, it's more important than ever to do your homework. Code enforcement said they don't usually know a home dog daycare exists until neighbors complain.