Husband and wife team fought back against burglar, severely injuring suspect with baseball bat

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 23:20:08-04
A would-be burglar got a taste of his own medicine after homeowners he tried to burglarize beat him with his own weapon, a baseball bat.
Noah Dassat, 33, of Santa Cruz, California, has been arrested and charged with four felony charges and one misdemeanor for armed burglary, battery and criminal mischief.
“They told us what happened and I just couldn't believe it,” said Sherri Mitchell, who lives across the street.  “I mean how would I react in something like that?  And what she did and what Jason did was awesome. She protected themselves and the family, kudos to them.”
Neighbors praise the husband and wife for fighting off their attacker and defending their three young children.
“That’s how we roll,” said Jim Joyce, who lives down the street.
North Port Police say Dassat broke into a home on Kennett Street last Thursday armed with a baseball bat. Once inside the home, Dassat attacked the male resident.  
Investigators said the homeowner fought back and “was able to place Dassat in a bear hug, and his wife was able to grab the bat and attack Dassat with it.”
Dassat managed to flee the house but was later apprehended by Charlotte County deputies after using a fake name at a Port Charlotte hospital.
Neighbors were grateful the only person injured was the burglar. They’re now extra vigilant about who is in their neighborhood.
“It could happen to anyone. We should all be prepared and think about this,” Mitchell said.  
Dassat was booked into the Charlotte County Jail with no bond.