South Florida Museum establishes 'living memorial' to honor Snooty the Manatee

Posted at 2:01 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 14:07:57-04

A living memorial has been set up on the South Florida Museum's website to honor the memory of Snooty the Manatee, who passed away in July.

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He died just two days after his 69th birthday in what the museum called a heartbreaking accident.

In response to what the museum said was an overwhelming outpouring of grief and mourning at the loss of Snooty, they have set up a living memorial to capture memories of the iconic manatee.

Photos and memories shared to the page will be assembled at a later date to document the love people had for the manatee. To share your photos and memories, go to the museum's Facebook page.

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The living memorial can be seen here and includes a timeline of Snooty's life as well as kind words from those close to him.

In response to Snooty's death, the museum says it has taken swift action to ensure the safety of the other manatees that live there, and to carefully examine all details related to Snooty's death.

They have initiated a third-party review process looking into aquarium procedures and brought in outside experts to assist in the review process.

When the review is complete, the museum says it will share the information publicly.

The staff continues to plan for an appropriate and fitting public celebration of Snooty's life to pay tribute to his legacy, which will be announced at a later time.