Bradenton woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for hiring someone to kill her ex-husband

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 23:38:51-04

Rachel Leahy was sentenced to twenty years in prison for her role in a "murder-for-hire" plot in 2016.

Leahy attempted to hire a hit-man to have her ex-husband, David Leahy, killed. The alleged hit-man was actually a Manatee County deputy.

Prosecutors showed undercover video showing Rachel Leahy meeting the detective. She spoke of how she would like the murder to look.

"I love fire, maybe it could be a fire," said Leahy.

Defense lawyers didn't dispute the crime, but they said Leahy had mental issues including PTSD in 2016. 

David Leahy said his family has been on edge since learning of the crime.

"We've changed locks on doors, added security cameras in the house," said David Leahy.

Rachel Leahy was sentenced and also ordered to have no contact with David Leahy.