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Design debate over Anna Maria City Pier after Hurricane Irma damage

Posted at 6:30 PM, Dec 26, 2017

ANNA MARIA, Fla. -- The Anna Maria City Pier is an iconic structure for Manatee County.  The structure was damaged during Hurricane Irma and now officials are deciding how to rebuild.

 At least $1.5 million is set aside to rebuild the pier, with more money possibly coming from Tallahassee.  

“It’s Anna Maria Island’s history, it has historical and sentimental value,” said Commissioner Carol Whitmore.

Whitmore said there is some debate between locals on how to rebuild.  Some people are favoring a sturdier design made from metal, while others want a replica of the pier made from wood.

Ed Chiles has owns several restaurants on the Island.  Chiles said he didn’t want the pier made from wood.

“If you want to put in wood pilings, you can do that, they just won’t last very long, I’d rather use materials that hold better and will last a longer period of time,” said Chiles.

The Anna Maria City Council will approve the final design. The rebuild should take about a year.