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AirVet and local vet clinic provide free veterinary care for newly adopted pets

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Posted at 9:48 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 23:28:53-04

SARASOTA, FLA.- — Airvet, a telemedicine platform, is providing free veterinary care for newly adopted pets in the Sarasota area.

Airvet launched the Airvet Spring Adopt-a-thon and teamed up with Dr. Stephanie Lantry at the Animal Medical Clinic of Gulf Gate in Sarasota.

"I help with Airvet, a telehealth company and I answer calls from pet owners from all over the country. You know, we do this after hours when the vet clinics are closed usually and try to help pet owners decide if they really need to rush that animal into the vet or is it something that can wait until the regular vet clinic is open," said Dr. Stephanie Lantry.

From March through June 30, pet owners may receive a free veterinary exam at Animal Medical Clinic of Gulf Gate. Pet owners may also receive a free Airvet telehealth call for their dog or cat.

"Airvet hasn't done this before, but during the pandemic, there was such a boom in adoptions with everyone home and adopting animals. It's just been really a wonderful thing to see," said Dr. Stephanie Lantry.

All dogs or cats adopted from a shelter or animal rescue in the Sarasota area are eligible during the first 30 days of adoption for a free exam or a free call with Airvet.

The Airvet app is available for new pet parents who may have questions about their new pet, need after-hours urgent care or a virtual health screening.

"All these new adoptive parents, they're worried. They may have never had a pet before or they may have adopted a pet who came with a couple issues and may be a little bit sick and so we want to be there in the in between time to make the adoption process and those few days after really worry free," said Kirsten Reynolds, Head of Partnerships at Airvet.

Adoption fees and cost of treatment in a clinic or hospital are not covered.

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