Agrument between women at Haines City Walmart leads to shooting

Posted at 12:31 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 23:29:30-05

A woman accused of shooting another woman Thursday morning  outside of Walmart has turned herself in to authorities.

The shooting happened at the store located at located at 36205 US-27 around 11:47 a.m. on Thursday.

Police said Mandy Guzman, 30, and Yajaira Rivera, 37, got into an argument inside the store. The two have known each other for several years, according to police.

Guzman left the store with her two young children.

Police said she placed her children and items into her car. As she pushed the cart to the return rack, Rivera got out of her car and shot Guzman in the abdomen.

Rivera drove away in a white Chevy Malibu.

Guzman was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment.  

Her sister, Jessica Guzman, said doctors may not remove the bullet.

"She's doing better. She's doing good. She could be doing worse," Jessica Guzman said.

Her children did not witness the shooting.

"Those are my nieces and nephews," Jessica Guzman said.

Police issued a warrant for attempted homicide in the search for Rivera. But she wasn't completely hiding, posting comments about the incident on Facebook. Authorities said some of that information was helpful to their investigation.

"I think that was the worst thing to me just her on there laughing about it, you know. My sister (is) up here in a hospital with a bullet in her stomach, you know," Jessica Guzman said.

According to Jessica Guzman, her sister and Yajaira Rivera have had issues over the same man.

"So when she's locked up in prison and my sister goes on with her life and he's going to move on with his life so what did she get out of this," Jessica Guzman said.

Detectives have not released any information about the motive of today's shooting.

Yajaira Rivera turned herself to her attorney at 6:30 p.m. and her attorney contacted authorities.

"It makes me feel 100 percent better because you can't just shoot somebody in front of their kids and walk away free," Jessica Guzman said.

Jessica Guzman is thankful her sister is going to survive.

"My sister had a lot of support through this -even more than what I expected- because she's a good person," Jessica Guzman said.

Haines City Acting Police Chief Jay Hopwood said Yajaira Rivera will be charged with attempted murder.