Walmart Fulfillment Center in Davenport expected to bring over 1,000 new jobs to Bay Area

Posted at 4:55 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 17:39:08-04

A new Walmart Fulfillment Center has opened in Davenport.
It’s the first fulfillment center to come to Florida, one of only six in the Walmart network.
With the large-scale building came 1,500 new jobs to Polk County.
Walmart reports already hiring 550 new employees in the area to get the facility up and running.
Currently, it’s operating seven days a week on first shift only.
The general manager tells ABC Action News employees will either work four, 10 hour shifts per week or a three day week, working 12 hours per day. Eventually, the operation will expand to three shifts with many more employees as demand becomes greater.
“I can tell you they are very good jobs we pay very competitive for this industry,” Toby Gray, the facilities general manger told ABC Action News.

Gray said the employees will be paid between $13-$15 per hour and will have full benefits.

Walmart officials held a grand opening Tuesday morning to welcome the employees and introduce local politicians to the $300 million e-commerce campus.
The 50 acre campus is located near the intersection of I-4 and Highway 27 in Polk County.
It features two buildings with state-of-the-art systems spanning more than 2.2 million square feet.
Walmart executives invited ABC Action News tour the new facility only allowing pictures form certain vantage points.
During the tour, the manager introduced new technology that will increase output and decrease spending by automating boxing and packaging procedures. We asked if this will replace employees but Walmart claims they have not crunched the numbers to figure out the exact man power the machine will pump out.
“There's a new automated packing system which does on the tour will be able to see,” Nate Faust, the Vice President of the eCommerce Supply Chain, proudly announced.

“It efficiently creates shipping boxes that are custom fitted to the contents,” Faust added.

Governor Rick Scott was one of many politicians invited to see the new facility.
“This is great for state and continue to add jobs,” Governor Scott said.
He thanked Walmart employees for their hard work and for the additional jobs brought to Florida.
ABC Action News questioned the Governor on what he thought of the rural area being turned into an industrious community and his point of view considering local residents are concerned. The Governor answered by saying jobs are most important to the state.
“It's great that people are saying look I can get a job we have 55,000 jobs open all of these companies moving down here all these people moving down here and think about it for your children and your grandchildren you can know that they can live close to you,” Governor Scott added.

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