Skimmers found at multiple gas stations in Polk County

Posted at 9:51 AM, May 22, 2017

Winter Haven Police are warning residents that skimmers have been located at various gas stations around the City over the past few weeks.

Police advise citizens to monitor their bank accounts closely and report any unusual activity.

Skimmers have been located at the Circle K at 1000 1st St. S and the Citgo at 100 E. Central Ave. in the past three weeks.

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A few tips when paying at the pump:

  • Try to always avoid using the pumps that are farthest from the front of the store. These pumps have limited sight for the workers inside and it's easier for criminals to install the skimmer without being detected
  • Check the pump for any unusual markings that could indicate the machine has been tampered with
  • Check for security tape along the pump that indicates the machine has not been opened
  • Check the card reader and if it seems loose, DO NOT use and report to the store immediately

Police say if in doubt, go inside to pay.

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