More than $30K in unclaimed funds to be returned to owners

Thousands must be claimed in Polk Co. by Sept. 1
Posted at 4:57 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 17:55:19-04

Thousands of dollars are up for grabs in Polk County. All you have to do, is claim it.

First, you do have to be on the list of 51 unclaimed checks.

$31,000 is sitting at the Polk County Clerk of Courts.

The list of uncashed checks are usually from an overpayment or settlement sent to the owner but never received or never deposited.

The 51 checks have been written out as early at 2015. All of the checks were either returned or didn’t not process through the bank and were sent back to Polk County. And if it is not claimed by September 1,  2017, Polk County will claim the money for itself.

“It is put into the general fund to support court operations,” Stacy Butterfield, with the Clerk of Courts said.

Butterfield says in the past, it’s been worse.

In 2016, 75 checks were unwashed with only a small amount of those coming forward at the last minute to claim it. But, with social media, odds have changed.

“We are in general getting a better response to everything we use Facebook for,” Butterfield added.

Amounts ranging all from $6,000 down to just $100.

You can check for unclaimed money in any state you've ever lived in by going to this website: