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Lakeland's Tenoroc High School opens Doggy Day Care as part of an innovative veterinary program

Teachers can drop off pups for baths, playtime
Posted at 3:10 AM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 07:46:51-05

LAKELAND, Fla. — Sadie the yellow lab is living the life at Tenoroc High School.

The cute pooch gets a sudsy outdoor bath on a sunny Monday.

She enjoys fun frisbee time.

She even gets three cooing students -- Courtney, Bethany and Faith -- to gently check her temperature and heart rate.

Welcome to Doggy Day Care, an innovative new service at the Lakeland school.

The four-year veterinary assisting program here culminates in students graduating as certified veterinary assistants. Now Doggy Day Care gives them much-needed hands-on experience.

"The main goal is to have them ready for the workforce and to have a job right out of high school," says teacher Sumer Tackett, who brought previous experience in veterinary medicine to Tenoroc's program.

Educators at the school can pay a small fee to bring their pets in on Mondays.

The vet students will provide basic health and grooming services. Oh, and lots of play and cuddles.

Money raised by the Doggy Day Care will be put directly back into the vet program.