Mom thanks strangers who returned wallet, cash

Posted at 7:13 AM, Dec 17, 2015

A Lakeland mother is thankful two good Samaritans returned her wallet that had Christmas money and credit cards.

Amanda Masek said she was on her way to a Christmas program Monday night, when she accidentally left her wallet on the hood of her car. She was putting her children in their car seats.

About 20 minutes later, she realized that she had left the wallet on top of her car. It had fallen off the car and onto the road, about four miles from Masek’s home.

“When I realized I lost it, I said a prayer. ‘Dear Lord let someone with a good heart find it’,” Masek said.

Pete Mitchell found it.

“I stopped and picked it up.  Then I went to the house ‘cause Steve was going to deliver a cow that I had bought at the cattle auction and I told him about it and he said ‘oh I’ll take care of it’,” Mitchell recollected.

Mitchell and Steve Albritton found Masek’s license and Albritton drove to the address. There was close to $100 for Christmas gifts and her credit cards were in the wallet. When Albritton arrived, no one was there. He decided to leave the wallet on her door with a note.

“I left it there hoping and praying it was the right house,” Albritton said. He wrote his number down on the piece of paper, after waiting 45 minutes.

Masek contacted him once she returned home, to thank him for returning it.

“It’s easy to do the wrong thing, but sometimes you gotta do the hard thing and do what’s right,” Albritton said.

Masek was thankful two people went to great lengths to return something that did not belong to them.

“I said thank goodness for old cowboys. That’s my dad. My dad’s the same way and that’s how we were raised,” Masek said. "It’s good that people can still restore your faith in humanity."