Overcrowded school bus causing problems in Polk

Posted at 1:57 PM, May 17, 2016

Some children from Tenoroc High School in Lakeland are being forced sit in the aisle of the school bus or stand the entire way home, according to the parents of one of the kids on the bus.

Brenda Link tells ABC Action News she and her husband have complained multiple times to the school, but nothing has been done.

At least three times a week, she said her kid boards the school bus and finds three kids to a seat, and they are forced to either sit in the aisle or stand.

"I need my kids safe and they're not safe if they're sitting on the floor," Link said. "I think other parents need to know what's going on."

Link said that the problem typically happens when another bus is called in to take over the route due to what is believed to be a shortage of bus drivers.

Jason Geary, spokesperson for the Polk County School Board, said the bus that the photo was taken on is helping cover another route because of the need for more bus drivers.

He said students are not allowed to sit or stand in the aisle, and drivers are instructed to stop the bus until all kids are in seats. According to their numbers, the bus in question should not be over capacity.

Transportation officials are now investigating.

Geary said they are in the process of recruiting more drivers.