Lakeland boy gets middle finger stuck in desk, poses for hilarious photo op with firefighters

Posted at 11:01 AM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 08:24:15-04

Lakeland Fire Department posted a photo on their Facebook page that is getting quite a few giggles now. 

Crews at Station 2 and Polk County Fire Rescue responded to help a 6-year-old boy who got his middle finger stuck in the metal components of his school desk. Once they freed his finger from the desk, they took the chance to take a photo. 

Leah Aponte told ABC Action news that she was in the daycare parking lot when a teacher ran up to her to alert  her that her son, Gio, had gotten his middle finger stuck in a desk. 

The process to remove his finger took a whole hour, Aponte said

Her son has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. This worried Aponte because she knows his senses can go into overdrive. 

The paramedics tried lubrication and oils to get the boys finger out. They were finally able to gently manipulate his finger out of the desk with a ribbon, Aponte said. 

The quote on the photo reads "Show Mommy the finger that firefighters had to rescue out of a desk." They covered his finger with a "censored" bar since it looked like he was flipping the camera the bird. 

The paramedics later gave the boy a tour of the truck and let him honk the horn. Aponte said they went above and beyond to help the boy feel like one of their own. 

"Honestly, if I ran into them I would give them a genuine hug and let them know how much they eased my worry," she said. "I am appreciative that they heard what I had to say and treated Gio appropriately."

Lakeland Fire Department says it's likely "the only time he'll be able to get away with doing this." We agree! 

Check out the post below: