Lakeland tow truck driver robbed at gunpoint

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 07, 2017

Police are searching for the suspects that robbed a Lakeland tow truck driver at gunpoint.

William Vasquez was working at Stepp's Towing Service when he says two men came up behind him demanding money, his jewelry and anything he had. At the same time, he had a gun to his head.

Vaquez had been working on his tow truck early in the morning on May 30.

It was around 2:30 a.m. when he had just returned from a trip and unlocked the gate to get into the Stepp's yard. He believes two, young, black men followed him inside.

Vasquez describes the men as between 19-22 years old, one was wearing a black hoodie, the other a gray and red sweatshirt. He says both men were under 6 foot tall, around 5 foot 8 inches and were driving a white Chrysler 300.

This isn't the first time Vasquez had been robbed. More than four years ago Vasquez was shot in the face in New York, when an unknown robber stole all of his jewelry.

So, this was like a flashback for Vasquez. But, still he didn't fight back.

He conceded and let the men take what he had, saying he knew it was just material items and at least he would see his family again.

Stepp's Towing Service says since the incident they are working on improving their lighting in the yard. They have implemented a new policy to enforce employees to lock the gate behind them and also say they are looking into an automatic gate for security.